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We think it's important to let our followers know that COVID-19 has impacted us greatly. Unfortunately our factory partner is closing BUT allowing us to make our final order with them which will be Lady Sigma. What does that mean? Until we secure a relationship with a new factory our inventory will be VERY VERY LIMITED and the next opportunity we will have to add inventory of any of our products will be sometime next year AFTER we secure a new partnership. We are praying that we find a new partner to provide our amazing dolls and are beyond thrilled that we were able to finish up the D9 collection with the inclusion of Lady Sigma. We will keep you informed along the way but know that we are only able to make 250 Lady Sigma dolls based on our inventory of vinyl bodies that have been pre-made.

Please remember that once these beauties sell out we won't have any for several months.

We encourage you to secure your doll while we still have them available.

Lady Ivy 3rd ed. 150 in stock

Lady Ivy 2nd ed. 1 in stock and will be retired once sold out.

Delta 3rd ed. 88 in stock

Delta 2nd ed. 48 in stock and will be retired once sold out.

Zeta 2nd ed. 16 in stock and will be retired once sold out.

Zeta 3rd ed. 200 in stock

Thank you everyone for your support!!!!

We are encouraged that we will find a new partner. We will update you along the way!!!

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Talisa you can preorder via the website.


Nov 14, 2020

Thank you for keeping us up to date. I can only imagine how difficult this must be for a small, minority-owned, and woman-owned business. I will certainly pray that you are able to find a new partner that can continue to produce the high-quality, beautiful dolls for which Trinity Designs is known.


Talisa Rentie
Talisa Rentie
Nov 11, 2020

How can I pre-order the Lady Sigma?

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