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The return of the Delta doll!!!

I am beyond excited to finally be back to making dolls.

I actually contemplated closing up shop as Covid wreaked serious havoc on my business!!

We haven't had dolls in production for over 2 years.

But she's coming baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaackkkkk!! And better than ever!

She'll have a new body full of curves! Our original doll body did us well for over 10 years and now it's time to bring a new body to the stage. You all will simply love it!!

More details will be shared as we move through the wax and molding process which for those that have been with me from the beginning know that beauty takes time. Alot of it in fact.

But the finished product will make you smile, cry, dream, and proud.

Yes, I'm so excited and can't wait to share more details along the way.

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Acrylic case

The 25 acrylic cases are sold out. We will proceed to cutting these and will inform you all in the event we offer the cases again.

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please always offer the cases

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