3rd ed. collegiate Essence of a Delta IS IN STOCK FOR A LIMITED TIME!


The newest “Delta Doll” is our premier custom doll and is perfect for both collegiate and alumnae Sorors.  


The price includes:

  • 16″ doll in t-shirt with letters
  • leather leggings
  • red wedge heels
  • pearl jewelry
  • customized line jacket
  • mounted probate staff
  • fully decorated box
  • acrylic base and stand as she does not stand alone.


The customization for the line jacket includes:

  • line name or personal name (there are limits to the number of letters) *restrictions apply
  • line number
  • Line’s name (longer names may have to be placed on 2 lines) *restrictions apply
  • chapter and crossing date may fit in some instances



Essence of a Delta™ 3rd ed.