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The Most Common Mistakes in Writing an Admission Essay

Mistake – Using the same essay material

Using the same essay material for all of the colleges or universities where you are seeking admittance. This is a no-no since different colleges have their own identity and mission statements which you should, of course, mention in your essay. Craft your admission essay to their ideology.

Mistake – Plagiarizing other student’s work

Do not copy-paste from other people’s work. According to studydaddy many students think that copying directly from other’s essay and sources will not be found out. This assumption is definitely wrong. There are a lot of online tools to check your work for plagiarism. And don’t forget – you can’t be sure that the person whose essay you are coping made no mistakes. Don’t cheat – make your admission essay personal and original.

Mistake – Using the thesaurus for too many words

This mistake leads to a big mess. If you use a thesaurus and pick up some sophisticated verbose words, you lose the general understanding of your text. Make it ordinary – simplicity can be a real masterpiece.

Mistake – Not streamlining the essay with your application

Many students do not pay attention in the unity of their essay and their actual application. It can be an eye sore if the admission essay seems to portray a different picture of the student than what is found in the answers for application questions. This also happens when you plagiarize.

Mistake – Trying too much to impress the essay reader

Do not try to impress the admission officer because they can scene pretentious voices beneath descriptions. Write about what is the natural in you and drawn from your own life experience.

Mistake – Picking inappropriate topic

Sometimes when trying to look cleverer students pick controversial topics and paint themselves in a flattering way. According to find test answers experts if you are wittingly writing about your perfect high school grades in future, you are displaying yourself as someone who does not take responsibility of actions.

Mistake – Making an essay into a resume

Most people want to impress the reader so much that they completely ignore the essay prompt and create the essay as a list of their accomplishments. Unless this was the specified essay topic, don’t do it.

Mistake – Brownnosing

In sending an application to a school, they assume that you want to attend this particular university and “laying it thick” won’t help.

Mistake – Proofread. Small errors can immediately discredit you. Admission officer can easily detect errors so it will be the best for you to write several drafts and edit them thoroughly for syntax, grammar, spelling and general structure.

Mistake – Not Answering the question. The admission committee uses certain essay prompts for a specific reason: they want you to answer it. Be careful of steering away from the main topic and running off on tangents.

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