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Our Vision
To become the largest manufacturer and distributor of dolls of color globally.

Our Mission
As we celebrate black beauty through dolls we endeavor to produce high quality collectibles that inspire, captivate and encourage young women and children to love the skin they’re in. We hope to increase self awareness and self confidence by giving them positive options for dolls that they can identify with.

Our History
In 2001, the idea to develop dolls originally came from a simple desire to have doll that

was a tribute to my sorority. Of course a Delta would want a Delta doll. This simple desire to develop a doll for myself has expanded into a collection of dolls that celebrate the Divine 9 sororities.

In 2006 we began prototyping our 1st doll. We brought our "Essence of a Delta” to full production in 2010 where she made her debut at the 2010 Delta Sigma Theta Sorority National Convention in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Our initial vision was to develop dolls that captured the image and character of the African American sorority sister. During product and development over the years the vision shifted and our goals expanded and we thought it was important to include dolls for children in our product offerings. To date we have designed 11 adult collectible dolls and are currently working to bring our children’s dolls to production for retail distribution.

Our newest series of “Collegiate” sorority dolls include the Delta doll, Lady Ivy, Zeta doll and Lady Sigma. The series features each sorority girl with a fully customized line jacket, mounted 15 inch staff and of course trendy pants, and absolutely killer shoes!!!  The newest edition really is an awesome depiction of the collegiate sorority girl. They're beautiful beyond words and we are so proud of the excellent quality, attention to detail and unique custom feature they offer.

The Collegiate series is definitely a step above when you think about collectible dolls!!

Our Upcoming Products
Follow us on the journey as we prepare to launch our children's dolls hopefully in the Fall of 202. 

We are confident that they will be a doll your daughters will absolutely LOVE and want to have!

Nikki Roseman, CEO

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