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Great days ahead!!!

Updated: Jun 23

Hi friends,

For those who are new to the TDI supporters and to our faithful friends we do have exciting news. While many may not know we lost our factory partner 2 years ago due to the effects of the pandemic. We have recently been blessed to have found a new factory!! This means that we will be back to designing the beautiful dolls that set TDI apart. It also means starting over takes several months. We are virtually starting over but it's ok. We will share updates once we are nearing production and will provide additional details. The first doll on the list for production will be The Essence of a Delta 4th edition that features the custom line jackets.

Why the Delta doll first? Well she Is our signature and debut doll for those I call Soror.

We believe in inclusivity and of course will be adding Lady Sigma, Lady Ivy and Lady Zeta next. Our love for dolls isn't inclusive of just the Delta doll as evidenced by the beauty captured in all of our products. So stay tuned as they will all return soon.

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