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What's the plan???

We are so excited to see so many new initiates!!! Even more excited to know they want a doll. So here's the rundown of what's on the TDI 2023 calendar:

In order to minimize delay we will be using the existing doll body to make the upcoming run of Delta dolls.

1st up is the 3rd edition Delta doll with custom line jacket!!!

2nd item on the list is to consider the 2nd edition Delta doll although we really haven't strongly considered her given the many other dolls to bring to production.

3rd item for clarification is applying for the 2024 AKA vendor license. AKA only issues licenses once a year so we will have to wait until December 2023 to apply for 2024 and we will be bringing back 3rd edition of Lady Ivy with custom line jacket. We know.... it's been so long and we love her to. BUT she's coming back just not this year.

4th item is when will the 4th edition come out?? Well........... we will use the new mold for the new doll. That will take a few months. We don't have a final date but you know we love to keep you all in the loop and will definitely share the deets when we have them.

So I'm sure there are questions. Hit us up and we will try and answer you all.

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