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Lady Sigma timeline

Preorders will end November 30th so that we can submit her for production.

We have been advised of the completion date of February 3rd. This is due to the submission of Lady Sigma during the Christmas "high season". We had hoped to beat the high season but only very recently received our approved vendor license.

We wanted to also address some of the different customization requests. The sleeves are too small to be customized so remember that the back of the jacket is your canvas. You're welcome to submit as much information that you have and we will help you with a final jacket that will be to your liking. Additional graphics in the form of poodles and such are not possible given the limitations to customization.

Lastly, we are unable to rush production as stated on the website. We wish that we could BUT each doll has to have her face painted AND her hair rooted and styled. Manufacturing dolls is quite a process. We are confident though that she is worth the wait and can't find to have her available to ship to our customers.

We do have a limited number of Lady Sigma so we know she will not be available again for some time as we search for a new factory partner. We will only have 250 available in the upcoming shipment. Stay tuned for updates along the way!!


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