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Lady Sigma update

We understand that the process to receive Lady Sigma has been longer than expected. We have customers who have been waiting for several months. Unfortunately COVID-19 has done significant damage to the shipping industry as well as manufacturing timelines are much longer than they have ever been. We have tried to be transparent through this process.

We try and send emails to all of the customers waiting but find that 30% of the emails go unread. If you are unable to wait any longer we understand. Please let us know.

An email to all those that preordered and we hope that you have taken a moment to read our recent update.

We are waiting for an update now that the freight has been offloaded from the ocean vessel in Los Angeles. Typically it takes 2 weeks from Los Angeles to Houston. When we receive the next update we will send out a new communication via email.

Thank you for your patience and again if you are unsatisfied with the timelines we understand but these delays unfortunately are beyond our control. Under normal circumstances your dolls would have surely been delivered by now. Let us know via email if you would like to cancel your order. We hope that you won't as this is the ONLY time this edition will be available.

Kindest regards,

Trinity Designs, Inc.

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