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We have received quite a few requests for additional doll clothing for the Trinity collection. This is something we are taking into careful consideration but we will admit our plate is very full with the design and production of our 2021 slate of products.

Our new products include the 4th edition of the Delta doll, 4th edition of Lady Ivy and a celebratory doll for the Ladies of Zeta Phi Beta who recently celebrated 100 years of sisterhood.

We are also bringing to the stage, a grand stage no less a simply beautiful line of 18 inch children's dolls. Our timeline for launching these beauties is Fall 2021. As you know new products take us several months to finish complete. We are beyond excited to finally get to this part of our journey. Our children's dolls are a long time coming!!!

As we get closer to completing all of the final production samples we will be happy to share their names and photos. We think you'll LOVE THEM as much as we do.

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