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Make lines straight with the help of AutoCAD’s in-context tangents. You can keep your display clean while creating or editing your drawings by hiding objects, including tangents.Lay out multiple drawings on a single sheet, or import multiple sheets in a single drawing. AutoCAD 2023 simplifies and speeds up the process.Combine lines and arcs into compound curves and splines, and edit and enhance compound curves and splines for improved precision.Extend technology across your entire organization. Environments like AutoCAD 2023, which can handle large amounts of data, simplify the creation and deployment of enterprise-wide digital design-ready documents.Graphical-User Interface:Enjoy the simplicity of the new Graphical User Interface (GUI) in AutoCAD 2023, which makes creating and editing drawings easier than ever. Use the buttons on the toolbars, menus, and controls to access your favorite commands and applications.Linked SmartArtCreate a linked drawing to combine multiple files together. Linked SmartArt simplifies the creation of linked SmartArt graphics that make it easy to work with multiple SmartArt-enabled drawings.Edit your SmartArt links from a single source. Select a SmartArt link in the drawing, or one of your linked SmartArt-enabled drawings, and then edit the link. SmartArt links remain connected between documents, meaning you can edit any part of a linked SmartArt graphic without making any other changes.Connected AutoCAD Project FilesFile history for linked files, like AutoCAD drawings, may be reviewed in the History pane in the ribbon of the connected AutoCAD project file.Export drawings from linked files, like AutoCAD drawings, as AutoCAD DWG, and edit or comment on the DWG file.Import drawings from linked files, like AutoCAD drawings, as AutoCAD DWG, and edit or comment on the DWG file.Connected ClipboardsClipboard data from linked files is synchronized across all connected AutoCAD project files.Supported Clipboard formats:Binary formatWord formatExcel formatPowerPoint formatWordPerfect formatAbiWord formatNotes formatDotHierarchyImageMetafileOutline 2be273e24d

AutoCAD [March-2022]

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